G'day, we're Aaron and Phoebe. Woohoo Body and Happy Skincare are our brand-babies.

We ship your orders plastic-free - those little peanuts are compostable and dissolve in water 👍

Our Culture

G'day, we're Aaron and Phoebe (the founders of Woohoo Body) and we're proud descendents of the Wailwan, Kamilaroi and Guringai Australian Aboriginal nations.

The unique Australian landscape and our fascinating plants are very special to us, and we use many native ingredients in our skin-loving creations both here at Woohoo Body and over at Happy Skincare, Woohoo's big sister brand.

We're very grateful to have learned so much about traditional Australian ingredients from our Aboriginal ancestors, as that knowledge has helped us formulate incredibly effective deodorants and skincare products that are the perfect balance of modern science (we call it conscious chemistry) and our unique Australian botanicals.

Acknowledgement of Country

We'd like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands where we work and live. We celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal peoples and their ongoing cultures and connections to the lands and waters of NSW and throughout Australia.

We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have supported us here at Happy Skincare.

Embracing Diversity

Woohoo Body is committed to embracing diversity in our team. We welcome everyone, regardless of your colour, size, shape, gender, sexual preference, age or physical or mental ability.

The Story of the Woohoo Body Logo

Our Woohoo logo was designed by us and was inspired by our Indigenous heritage. Even though it resembles traditional Aboriginal symbols this artwork is our own and not taken from any specific nation. To us our logo represents people all around the world loving the bodies they're in and celebrating their uniqueness, diversity and freedom. 

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